Buying a House in Charlotte, NC

Buying a home is a choice that can never be hurried, but believe it or not if you know precisely what you are searching for it won’t be difficult to find that ideal house. Continue reading and we’re going to lead you on what to look for in a house and what to look for, so you have just love and not regrets for your new home.

Size of the House

The most critical decision you’ll have to make, possibly, is how large a house to purchase. The median home value differs from area to area, so the property size would also vary within your budget.

Number of Bedrooms and Baths

Deciding on the number of bedrooms and baths you need is the most common way to narrow down your options. The number of rooms is a major factor to consider, particularly if you have or are planning to have children.

Also, don’t ignore other uses for bedrooms. Do you have people in the house often? And as a guest room, you may like to tack on a suite. How about a room for the following:

• Study/home office
• Space for hobbies
• Game Room/recreation
• Space for Fitness

Many of you that have shared one bathroom with the whole family know that in the mornings, more toilets make things a little easier. You may want to consider seriously adding an attached master bedroom bath to your list of wishes.

Storage Options

In the future, how many things do you have and intend to get? If you fail to find a spot to store anything, it can be a stressful time moving into your new house. The positive news is that you will find several choices for growing storage space with a bit of imagination and ingenuity.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen is the most common space in the home, arguably. Of course, giving particular attention to the scale, style, and architecture of the kitchen is a private choice, but it is important to note that the kitchen is the single most space to add resale value to your new house.


Appliances are more powerful and all-around perfect at performing their significant jobs in today’s ever-increasingly energy-conscious world. Regularly check and test the air conditioning system, particularly if they are older, including the water heating system.


Last but definitely not least, how many cars can handle the property? A two-car garage could be in order if you have or are planning on getting more than one vehicle.
You can need a bigger garage for more than just parking your car if you enjoy working on cars or enjoy doing projects around the house yourself. To store any amount of instruments and construction materials, you would require adequate space.