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Are you looking into real estate investment in Charlotte NC?

We help Real Estate investors make smart choices when buying investment properties in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

We will help you find an investment property that has the potential to generate positive cash flow and realize impressive capital appreciation. If you prefer to outsource the property management headache, we are also here to help you with this as well. You can use our property management services to maximize your investment and minimize the time you need to spend.

For years, we have been active real estate investors; we bought and sold properties for others and ourselves using proven techniques. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a Real Estate Investor in Charlotte NC.

Elite Team Realty offers Real Estate investors full service from identifying the investment property, finding tenants and manage the property on your behalf.

We truly undestand that identifying, then analyzing the right property can be time-consuming and challenging.  Let us help you.  We have the listings, resources, and expertise to make buying an investment property easy and successful.

Elite Investor assistance offers real estate investors and members special benefits which include:

  • Access to immediately available REO/Foreclosures
  • Unlisted opportunities through our portfolio of over 500 managed properties
  • Personal consultation services
  • Customized online portfolio
  • Informative monthly newsletter

There are also an abundance of reasons as to why it’s a great idea to look into becoming a real estate investor if you are not already!

Build Equity and Wealth

Over time, you build equity from paying down property mortgage, which becomes an asset to your overall net worth. Once you build equity, this also builds the ability of being able to buy more investment properties. This overall contributes to an increase of cash flow and will ultimately increase your wealth even more.


Real estate investors are able to make money from multiple resources. This can include renting out investment proprieties, which generate rental income. Another source of income can be from any profits that come directly from property-dependent business transactions and overall appreciation. Over time, real estate value can definitely increase overtime with proper investments being made to the property to increase its appeal to the public. By making good investments, you can turn that property into a major profit when you are finally ready to sell it.

Confine Inflation

Inflation affects the general level of prices of almost every good and service known to the public. This means it can even affect certain investments you may have made in possible stocks or other services that are generally good to invest in. However, real estate serves almost as a restriction against inflation. Unlike most other forms of investments, property through real estate actually corresponds to inflation in the market. In other words, the two are proportional and the value of homes will increase as inflation increases.

Advantage Against Taxes

Everyone knows that taxes are some of the largest expenses that both businesses and general individuals deal with from a day to day basis. However, when investing in real estate, you are able to avoid certain taxes through the form of tax incentives. You may receive a form of a tax incentives for all types of real estate, such as commercial buildings, apartments, shopping areas, and more.

Can we help you find profitable real estate investments in Charlotte NC? Yes, we can. Our Elite Investor Club offers our real estate investors special benefits. We’ve built a broad, diversified base and studied the trends for 20 years. We help our Elite Investor Club members leverage this knowledge, giving them an unparalleled advantage as they decide which investments offer the most profits. Elite Team Realty works with buyers, sellers, renters and investors to provide a full complement of specialized, professional real estate services. Our commitment to our clients has made us one of the top property managers in Charlotte NC. We have over 20 years of experience and we can help you with whatever your real estate need may be.


Brian Augustine, President/CEO – 704-604-2359

Ralph Simmons, Broker-in-Charge – 917-642-8956

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