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What Is Property Preservation?

Simply put, property preservation is just that the preservation of a foreclosed property. When a property is foreclosed, it is owned by the banks. Now as we know, there is no bank personnel that comes by foreclosed house checking in on it. So what happens? Many times, the property whether residential or commercial, will begin to slowly deteriorate. After not using the utilities for a long period of time, things don’t work the same as they did. There could be small or big leaks that ruin the structure due to regular maintenance not being performed after the property is vacant.

Property Preservation Services

How do banks take care of this? Most banks will outsource this service to the property preservation specialist. In doing so, banks can ensure that their property is preserved and up to date on the maintenance once the bank decides to sell it. When you need high-quality low-cost property preservation services, you do not want the extra work of searching for a reputable, reliable provider. Elite Team has worked on renovations of thousands of properties for our clients. We have in-house staff and vendors with proven track records in property preservation and renovations. We guarantee their work. We not only refer you to good people, but we also guarantee they will not leave you hanging.

You might be wondering what exactly does a property preservation specialist do? Besides doing simple maintenance, they provide property preservation services through performing repairs and even provide renovation services!

Repair & Maintenance

As properties sit unoccupied, they all tend to slowly crumble. I’m sure you’ve probably peeked inside a foreclosed property before and seen the place looking like a mess. It probably had trash on the floor, broken windows, and maybe even an obvious leak. By having an actual person checking in the property, you can rest assured that the property’s value will not depreciate. Whenever you have a leak in your property, the specialist will come by and repair it. They will be able to perform regular maintenance throughout the property to make sure there are no emergency disasters that make the property lose value.

Seasonal Preparations

One aspect of property preservation and maintenance that is typically forgotten until it’s too late is ensuring your property is ready for seasonal changes. With the springtime come rainstorms that can damage your property. If there’s a small leak anywhere in your property, the rain will find it. This leads to higher chances of flooding and overall mold growth. During hurricane season, it becomes enhanced. The rain brings along with it high winds and scattered debris. As the hurricane passes by, there could be trees and other debris that make their way to your property. A flying basketball being carried by a strong wind could easily break your windows and allow other debris and rain to get in your property. What about that random snowstorm in the wintertime? If you have a property preservation specialist, they can come and get your property prepared for all the possible disasters the seasonal changes bring.

Clean Property

Many times, when homeowners or companies have to foreclose their property, they end up leaving a lot of personal items. Sometimes it could be that they were in a rush to leave, and other times, they simply did not care to bring those items along with them. When you use a property preservation service, the specialist will come to the property and remove all those personal items. Forget worrying about having to transport or figure out where to discard those items. Elite Team Realty will take care of all those annoying details. They will clean out the property, repair anything that needs it, and implement regular maintenance services.


Along with providing cleaning, repair, and maintenance, a property preservation service can also include renovations! After your property was foreclosed, if you chose to wait to hire a preservation specialist, you could have some problems that cannot be fixed with a simple repair. You could’ve waited too long and now find that your property is full of mold. Or your toilets were backed up and caused the entire floors to be soaking wet and in need of replacement. In that case, you might need to completely renovate the property in order to bring the property value back to where it was. With Elite Team Realty, we will work with you to design a renovation plan that fits your specific needs.

But what about if your property still looks fine? Renovating is still a great investment because you could still choose to renovate your property even if you don’t have any major problems. And in doing so, raise your property’s value further. Maybe your foreclosed property needs a little update so that it matches the current trending styles. Through property reservations, your specialist will work with you to renovate it according to what you desire. Ultimately, making your property easier to sell as well. Don’t forget that even if you choose to renovate, our property preservation services still include all the repair, maintenance and cleaning as well.

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At Elite Team Realty, we can take care of your foreclosed property. However, we don’t only provide property management services, but we also offer full realty services. Our professionally trained real estate agents can help guide you when purchasing a home, finding rental properties, and even selling your home. We also provide guidance in investment properties. We can help you find popular locations and determine the current trends to help you make the right investment for your specific needs. On top of that, we also offer property management services for our investors that don’t want to deal with all the details that come with an investment property. Leave it to us to perform regular maintenance, and repairs on your property.

Don’t wait to find yourself with a costly renovation and choose property preservation services today! At Elite Team Realty, we feel that true teamwork sets us apart from the others. With our years of experience, we will work alongside you to create a plan to preserve and even revamp your foreclosed property.

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