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Do you not want to worry about dealing with the overseeing of your rental property or investment anymore in Charlotte, NC?  At Elite Team realty, we can easily take the responsibility of management off your hands while at the same time making sure that the property is still well protected and that the money you make from it is still brought to you. 

So many times Sellers miss this opportunity to take a non performing asset and make it perform. When buyers are not buying, they rent–so we provide the best Property Management for the money. Our full service property management is an intensive service which involves the leasing and financing for tenants as well as maintaining the financial stability of your property itself. Everything we do is designed to make the investor money. We have managed thousands of properties in the greater Charlotte Metro Plex over the last 10 years.

We understand that taking care of your own Charlotte rental property can be a hassle as you may have some inexperience and it could cost you a lot of valuable time. Nevertheless, rather than letting your own precious property sit in a vacant lot, let the right property manager at the Helm help enhance your cash flow to the best of our ability.  The motto for our business always tends to be the following: Let us rescue you from sleepless nights and lost profits.This is why we have always tried to make the customer happy and renting ”does not have to be a nightmare.” Elite Team reality’s excellent customer service plays hand in hand with our professionalism which in turn will support your property long term. We strongly believe in both transparency as well as accountability. We have decided to choose some sort of informed approach when it comes to the property management process as it usually gives our clients some peace of mind.

Here are four important benefits as to why you should select Elite Team Realty as your go to company for when it comes to property management: 

  1. Growth and Protection – Your assets will be protected and will meet the criteria brought about from any federal or state laws in order to ensure that no potential legal issues could arise in regard to the property management. Nevertheless, our decisions are based upon as if the property was our very own which is why we can assure you that we will take steps to help grow your portfolio in the most appropriate manner. 
  2. Transparency – We want to make sure that you have easy access to any documents or contracts that are cultivated through your property management process so that our company meets both fair practices but also high moral standards. Throughout each week, you will constantly be up to date on any additional changes that have been made in regard to property, rent, or your investment. 
  3. Effective Communication – During business hours, we will have our communication methods such as phones, emails, and social media   ready. This way, we can keep you updated on what is happening in regard to your tenants, the property itself, expenses, income, any maintenance fixes, and more. 
  4. Good Experience – Our professional team has had loads of previous experience when it comes to property management but also experience with both the local real estate market and the local rental market in Charlotte, NC as well. Our determination and skill will help guide you when it comes to making any appropriate upgrades for your property that we deem may be necessary. We promise you that our experience could help adjust the value (in a positive manner) of many of your investments that are on a larger scale. 
  5. Excellent Tenants – When it comes to property management, we have the tools and resources to help you find but also retain tenants. We can assure you that we will in fact find quality tenants who will take care of your property to the best of your ability but ones who will also pay the rent on time (and if they don’t, then chase after them).  This will be done through intensive background checks which involve reaching out to previous landlords and even reviewing employment but also their income as well. 
  6. Reduction in Stress – If you let our team of professionals take on the role of managing your property, we will serve as a great asset because we will enhance your quality of life in the sense that you will have lots of more time and a lot less stress.  


Our property management services include:

  • Rental market price comparisons and negotiations
  • Rehab and rent ready quotes
  • Twenty-four hour access to accounts online
  • Careful screening and selection of tenants (several background checks)
  • The overseeing of both lease negotiations as well as renewals
  • Collections and evictions service if necessary
  • The verification of public records and also evictions
  • Bi-monthly payments

Additional Services:

  • Lease preparation, review, execution, and enforcement
  • Security deposit collection as well as disbursement
  • Proactive rent collection
  • Automated, monthly accounting statements
  • Direct Deposit into bank account (if requested)
  • Maintenance, resolution, contracting, and also supervision
  • Twenty-four hour emergency contacts on the daily
  • Lawn service and landscaping
  • Preventative AC and heating maintenance and repair
  • Multiple collection assignments
  • Eviction service and notice

If you are in fact looking for full service property management in Charlotte NC, Elite Team Realty would be happy to alleviate any stress or fears you may have when it comes to managing your home and properties today! Our property managers look forward to having clients who are loyal and in turn are dedicated to giving you the excellent standards when it comes to service. Feel free to call us at 704-521-2735  or even email us at If you have any more questions, discuss nearby rental properties, would like to further discuss our property management services, or if you would simply like to schedule an appointment.

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