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Mortgage Calculator Heath Springs,SC

Elite Team Realty

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    Why You Should Select Elite Team Realty

    Here are four important benefits as to why you should select Elite Team Realty as your go to company for when it comes to property management:

    Growth and Protection

    Your assets will be protected and will meet the criteria brought about from any federal or state laws in order to ensure that no potential legal issues could arise in regard to the property management. Nevertheless, our decisions are based upon as if the property was our very own which is why we can assure you that we will take steps to help grow your portfolio in the most appropriate manner.


    We want to make sure that you have easy access to any documents or contracts that are cultivated through your property management process so that our company meets both fair practices but also high moral standards. Throughout each week, you will constantly be up to date on any additional changes that have been made in regard to property, rent, or your investment.

    Effective Communication

    During business hours, we will have our communication methods such as phones, emails, and social media ready. This way, we can keep you updated on what is happening in regard to your tenants, the property itself, expenses, income, any maintenance fixes, and more.

    Good Experience

    Our professional team has had loads of previous experience when it comes to property management but also experience with both the local real estate market and the local rental market in Charlotte, NC as well. Our determination and skill will help guide you when it comes to making any appropriate upgrades for your property that we deem may be necessary. We promise you that our experience could help adjust the value (in a positive manner) of many of your investments that are on a larger scale.

    Excellent Tenants

    When it comes to property management, we have the tools and resources to help you find but also retain tenants. We can assure you that we will in fact find quality tenants who will take care of your property to the best of your ability but ones who will also pay the rent on time (and if they don’t, then chase after them). This will be done through intensive background checks which involve reaching out to previous landlords and even reviewing employment but also their income as well.

    Reduction in Stress

    If you let our team of professionals take on the role of managing your property, we will serve as a great asset because we will enhance your quality of life in the sense that you will have lots of more time and a lot less stress.

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    “The company managed my rental property in Charlotte for more than 5 years and they have done an outstanding job. They are very professional, responsive, and reliable. They also helped me sell the property, completing the transaction very quickly and with excellent communication throughout. It’s been a pleasure working with them!”

    Bob V.

    “I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all your help with finding the perfect house for my family. Your knowledge of the communities in Charlotte and South Carolina was so helpful to me and my family since we are new to the area.”

    Dave K.

    “Dear Elite Team, Often all we hear is the complaints but, I want to commend all your staff. Great job with our move in. We will buy our home through you as well!”

    Keith S.

    “It is a pleasure for me to take the time to review Elite Carolinas and/or Elite Team Realty. I have used their property management services since 2008 and have always been satisfied with the prompt service, friendly personnel and knowledgeable CEO, Brian Augustine.”

    Trevor E.

    “…I am a great fan of Brian. When selling my house I found him professional and efficient and when buying my new home I found that he quickly identified with my needs and zeroed in on what was appealing to me.”

    Rigo M.

    “Elite Team Realty listens, and intuitively and intelligently links the client with their masterful knowledge of the up-to-the-minute property market.”

    Mark M.

    A+ Rating

    Better Business Bureau