While the bedroom is the get a way retreat, the kitchen is the gathering place for family & friends. Is your kitchen cold as ice? Do people tend to scatter instead of gather? Well, it looks like you might need a kitchen renovation in order to bring the heat back to life.

Your kitchen should be inviting and cause people to come together to talk about the day or to reminisce over family history. It’s a place where anyone can feel welcome and enjoy a quick snack or a good meal. With new design styles and companies that offer them, Homes & Gardens shows us some great kitchen renovation trends to fit your style and bring people back together.

The Bold & The Beautiful or Sleek & Concealed?

Do you fancy a strikingly bold style with beautiful elegance? Or are you more of a sleek contemporary look with everything concealed? There are many kitchen styles that can fit your ideal vision that you have.

Bold styles are meant to stand out and draw your attention straight to it. Colors, cabinet choices, appliances, and the more can help make up the bold look you’re going for. Six burner stove tops and standalone stoves are a good visual focal point for the eyes. A great looking fridge helps add to the visual as well.

Sleek styles are good for concealing things. Nothing is readily visible and appliances can be revealed by opening a cabinet door here, pushing a button there, and so forth. Minimalists are drawn to this type of kitchen renovation style. For them, less truly is more.

Kitchen Renovation Comeback Kid: The Sink Skirt!

No! Not the sink skirt! Yes, the sink skirt is making a comeback. This is a great design choice for a good-looking country farmhouse kitchen style. While it may not be a great match with modern or bold styles, it will make your country kitchen stand out for sure. Don’t count this resurgence of the sink skirt out, it can be a great conversation piece.

One opportunity that can be taken advantage of with sink skirts that you can’t do with under sink cabinetry: you can change out the skirt as needed for seasonal and/or holiday fittings. The sink skirt isn’t looking to bad now, is it?

Darkness Awaits

Black used to be taboo to use as a main color for just about any space, unless you were designing a home theater or photography dark room. But now it’s taking center stage as a main color with white as the secondary accent color and splashes of color for focal points to draw the eyes across the kitchen. When combined with medium to darker wood for the floors, it can be a striking contrast to a traditional light colored kitchen renovation.

The Heat is On

You can often throw out the “rulebook” when it comes to updating your kitchen space. Don’t be to quick to follow what everyone else is doing and come up with a great kitchen design that fits your style and what will be inviting to others to want to gather. Turn your kitchen into a hot topic.

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