Your bedroom should be a place that’s inviting, where you are able to relax and feel like you’re away at a resort. What do you see when you walk into your bedroom? Does it look like a warzone? Does it look like a teenager lives in there? Or are there many other thoughts that run through your mind at the first sight after a long day? Many of us might just turn around and walk right back out and melt on the sofa until we wake up and it’s 11:27 PM, then we drag ourselves to bed reluctantly. For those of us who have children though, that’s another topic in itself. If you’ve experienced any of these scenarios, then it just might be time for a bedroom renovation.

What Makes a Good Bedroom Renovation?

This is not a hard question to answer at all, but it does involve two parts: being a relaxing space you can enjoy and if you choose to sell down to road, will a potential buyer have the same feeling? There are some who would think that a Star Wars themed bedroom renovation design is a great thing (and yes, we’re talking about adults). A possible future buyer may cringe at the site and it could be a deciding factor in not making an offer. There has to be a proper balance.

There are a lot of trends to look at and a great article over at Homes & Gardens gives us some things to consider.

The Great Comebacks

People are making bolder color choices again. This is a refreshing move away from the previous simple color palettes that have been around for a while. Bold, vibrant, & contrasting colors are a great way to start your bedroom renovation process.

Also making a comeback from years gone by: wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper is once again taking center stage in a lot of renovations, and not just for bedrooms. Something to think about when you’re thinking colors.

Does your bed have a headboard? You know, those things that are attached to the head of your bead? This is the third in the great comebacks. Headboards are popular again and in some cases, the bigger the better. There are some that have even made an entire wall the “headboard” of their bed, yes a whole wall headboard. Bet you didn’t think of that one, did you?

By just adding a headboard, it can transform the entire landscape of your bedroom.

Matching Wall Lights

Now this is something that we might not even think about. We’ve seen some bedroom renovations that have matching wall lights to go with table and floor lamps in the room. You can almost link this to the great comeback lists, but we would have to go way back to remember these, like 50s – 60s way back.

This can be a unique way of adding more lighting options to the room that can be controlled with standard light switches or even a remote control in this technology age.

Statement Bed Designs

We mentioned a Star Wars bedroom design earlier. While this can be considered a statement bed, it would be more so a kid’s bedroom design statement; not so for an adult statement piece. What is a Statement Bed? Simply put, it’s a bed design that really stands out and is the focal point when you enter the bedroom. It can draw a sense of awe or dread and will set the tone for the rest of the room.

A statement bed is also composed of two things: being a decor piece while also being comfortable to relax or sleep in. Colors, patterns, and shapes are larger than life and reach out to you to pull you into wanting to be in it. Thing of a statement bed as the “Captain’s Chair” of your bedroom; but more comfortable.

A Comforting Conclusion

These trends are just a starting point for turning your bedroom from a warzone into a retreat. Take a look at the full article at Homes & Gardens to see more captivating trends that you can incorporate into your bedroom renovation.

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