There are a ton of affordable DIY Home Improvement ideas that can seemingly revamp any home. But the question that most people ask is “Where do I begin?” or “How do I do it?” Well, we are here to show you how to get the most out of every dollar in these remodeling ideas. We will be covering all sorts of different things, from lighting, decorating, storage, etc. Things of this nature typically don’t cost too much but if implemented correctly can be very beneficial for ANY home.

DIY Home Improvement Idea 1: Track Lighting

Rail track lighting is something that looks very classy but at the same time is a very practical addition. They can be used as an overall light source or to accentuate pictures or other objects. track lighting is also very versatile and can be placed anywhere that you need it to be-on countertops, walls, ceilings and it can be used to brighten up any area.

The price of track lighting has dropped by quite a bit in recent years, many systems now in fact operate on standard household voltage. So that means you don’t need to install a transformer you can just connect it to any existing junction box.

The “railing” system typically runs 4 or 8 feet and can hold both of the lights on it. You can look for rail system kits in home centers, lighting stores, or online. It is recommended you check the website or catalogs to see all of the available options, this is very important especially if you are assembling your own system. You need to ensure you have compatible parts.

Typical Costs: $150 and up for a basic kit

Time: One to Two hours if you have an existing electrical box.

Home Improvement Idea 2: Kitchen Rollouts

A lot of people run into the issue of not capitalizing off of all of their available cabinet space, but how do you even grant access to the entire thing without taking everything out or breaking your back in the process? A great solution to this issue would be to invest in a rollout. Rollouts are one of the easiest and most beneficial upgrades you can make to your kitchen. It allows for everything sitting out of reach to be right at your fingertips.

If you don’t want to make the rollouts yourself, you can shop for moderately priced yet sturdy rollouts online or at Lowes and Home Depot. You install them by simply mounting them to the pre-existing shelves in your cabinets with four screws.

Before you order your rollouts MAKE SURE you measure the size of your cabinets so you don’t get one that doesn’t fit.

Typical Cost: $40 to $80 per Rollout

Time: 15 Minutes Per Rollout

Home Improvement Idea 3: Trim And Paint

When it comes to DIY home improvement adding simple lines or trump, a chair rail. or even a crown molding can completely renovate a rooms look. This is one of the secrets of fast and easy remodeling.

To have the biggest impact on the color of your room the best bet is to paint your trim. It also is a very easy installation, you don’t have to cut joints, having a little filler and paint will leave them looking sharp and crisp. It is also a relatively inexpensive method.

Finding colors that work well together as well as go with the furnishings of the room is actually where most of the challenge lies. We suggest you look at pictures of magazines and the combinations they use or find recommendations by the paint manufacturers at the paint stores. You should take pictures of the rooms you will be working with and show them to a paint dealer to match the colors accordingly.

Cost: 6 Gallons Of Pain – $180

Time: Two To Three Days

Home Improvement Idea 4: Closet Organizer

Having a neat closet does a lot more for you than you would assume it would. It not only looks more appealing but allows you to store more things in your closet which means your overall living space will be less cramped.

Even if you are inexperienced with usual DIY projects installing storage is very easy to do. The first step is to measure the dimensions of the closet. At home centers, you can find basic kits that have a huge variety of shelving and clothing rods. Most brands have solid, drill-and-tap0in wall anchors that work well even in drywall.

You should also check for accessories like shoe racks, tie and belt racks, and baskets to expand your storage options and make the best of leftover space.

Average Cost: $200

Time: Half A Day

Home Improvement Idea 5: Bathroom Accessories

Replacing old accessories like towel bars, lighting fixtures and applying a fresh coat of paint can really revamp a bathrooms look and feel. It is good to keep in mind though this face-lift will only work if the basic fixtures you have like your sink, bathtub, vanity, and toilet are still in good shape.

You should also keep in mind the total cost of this makeover will vary widely depending on your choices. Simply painting the walls a new color can make a quick and dramatic change, but if you are going to repaint you need to make sure the new color matches all of the accessories you currently have.

Average Cost: $340

Time: One Weekend