Kitchen Renovation Trends That Bring the Heat

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While the bedroom is the get a way retreat, the kitchen is the gathering place for family & friends. Is your kitchen cold as ice? Do people tend to scatter instead of gather? Well, it looks like you might need a kitchen renovation in order to bring the heat back to life.Your kitchen should be

From Warzone to Retreat with a Bedroom Renovation

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Your bedroom should be a place that's inviting, where you are able to relax and feel like you're away at a resort. What do you see when you walk into your bedroom? Does it look like a warzone? Does it look like a teenager lives in there? Or are there many other thoughts that run

How To Flip A Home

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How to flip a home  What is house flipping? Flipping a house is when a real estate investor purchases houses and then sells them for profit. Usually, in order for a house to be a "flip", you must intent on selling it quickly. There is a couple different types of house-flipping as well, here is two:

What to look for when buying a home in Charlotte, NC

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Home Buying Tips and AdviceWe've been in the real-estate business for a long time and learned a thing or two. Our home buying tips can help you make the right decision for your purchase. Buying a home is a choice that you should never hurry. That being said, if you know what you're looking for,

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