How To Flip A Home

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How to flip a home  What is house flipping? Flipping a house is when a real estate investor purchases houses and then sells them for profit. Usually, in order for a house to be a "flip", you must intent on selling it quickly. There is a couple different types of house-flipping as well, here is two:

What to look for when buying a home in Charlotte, NC

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Home Buying Tips and AdviceWe've been in the real-estate business for a long time and learned a thing or two. Our home buying tips can help you make the right decision for your purchase. Buying a home is a choice that you should never hurry. That being said, if you know what you're looking for,

How to convert your home to a rental property

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Do you have a mortgage on your home? If so, you generally need to live in the home for at least 12 months before converting it into a rental. Why? Certain perks are associated with buying a primary residence as opposed to investment property. You often get a lower interest rate and can put down

9 Tips For Getting Your Property Ready To Rent

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A transition provides you a little time to fix up a rental property and get it ready in a fashion that when it's rented you can't. You may not have to do a big cleanup or restoration, but some of the minor but essential aspects that make a property appealing to quality renters are getting

The Millennials’ Guide to Rental Property Management

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Rental Property Management for the Digital Generation You’re ready to get started in the rental property management world but feel like you lack the knowledge you need. Check out this post to read all you need to know! It’s no secret that the current economic environment has not made it financially viable

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