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Are you looking for homes for sale in Charlotte NC? Buying a home can be an exciting but also stressful milestone. How big should the house be? Are we planning on extending our family and need to factor in those accommodations? What is our list of must-haves when we see a house? Where do we want the home to be located? Do we want to stay close to where we are currently or are we ok with moving to a different town or different state? What can we realistically afford?

All these questions can easily take the excitement away from the home buying experience event that should be celebrated. You’re buying a home!

When it comes to purchasing a home, Elite Team Realty follows our simple approach to customer satisfaction: Find out what our customer needs, wants and can afford. Combine all these and it’s a Home Run for you, the customer.

First Time Home Buying Experience

Maybe you’re a first-time homebuyer and not too sure where to even start? At Elite Team Realty we believe that what sets us apart is true teamwork. When buying a home with us, we want to make sure that we point you in the right direction. We put our clients with the best people to give them the best advice when buying a home. Then we follow our proven process that gets the job done when looking for homes for sale in Charlotte NC.

We will set you up so that you avoid the common home buying mistakes, such as :

  • Underestimating all the costs that come with buying a home. Many first time home buyers are aware of there being a down payment. However, most don’t know that there are also home inspection costs, pre-payment costs for insurance, and more.
  • Buying at the wrong time. Some first-time homebuyers don’t take the time to research and think through their first purchase. You don’t want to be applying for a loan when you have low credit and end up paying thousands more than if you would’ve waited and fixed your credit. You also don’t want to purchase a home just to move 2 months later, wasting money.
  • Not hiring a real estate agent. First-time home buyers tend to be excited when purchasing their home. And rightly so! However, a real estate agent will be able to look at the purchase from an impartial standpoint ensuring that you make the right decision for you and your family.

Find out more common buying mistakes, you can avoid as a first-time home buyer or even a seasoned buyer.


Ok so maybe this isn’t your first go around. But this time you’re thinking about moving to a different state. Not being able to walk through your potential new home prior to moving, is a scary thought. You might be wondering, is there even any difference between buying a home in your current state and somewhere else? At Elite Team Realty, we make sure that we take time to orient you so that you are aware of possible differences. If you’re looking to relocate to Charlotte, NC, we can provide you with specific details such as the cost of living here. We can also provide you with information so that you choose a bank that does business with our state. Like we mentioned before, at Elite Team Realty we believe that teamwork is what differentiates us from our competitors. You can count on working alongside us to find the perfect Charlotte NC home for you.

Buying a Home In The Right Location

So you went through all the common buying mistakes, have your list of must-haves, and determined your budget and size of house you are looking for. But you have your family in tow, so you can’t just think about yourself when picking the house. Your family can’t just live anywhere. You need to make sure that it is a safe neighborhood, that it has great schools and that they are close to your new home. You need to find a location that will accommodate all those requirements. What area should you start looking to relocate? At Elite Team Realty, we will guide you towards some of the best homes for sale in Charlotte NC.

Some of our best suburbs in the area are:

  • Ballantyne – This suburb is near the South Carolina border and has great local parks, trails, and is home to Dana Rader Golf School. This school often makes it to the list of top golf schools in the country. Who knows? Maybe your golf-enthusiast child could be the next Davis Love III!
  • Cornelius – This suburb has great schools, 10 city parks, and a fabulous beach for swimming.
  • Davidson – This suburb is a popular foodie destination, has a farmers market, and cares about its quality of life.

Check out our list of the best suburbs in the Charlotte NC area!

Elite Team Services

At Elite Team Realty, we don’t only focus on helping our customers purchase a home. Our agents also help our customers find rental properties and sell their homes. Are you a seasoned buyer who specializes in flipping houses? Or want to make to invest in a property you intend to rent out and make passive income from? Location and knowledge of the local housing trends are essential to guaranteeing your success. Our agents can work with you to find you an investment in the right location, and guide you towards making a smart investment where you will see a return.

Now with becoming an investor also comes the property management side of things. If you’ve had investment properties before, you might already know that the management side of things can easily take the passive out of passive income. Wave goodbye to all your property management headaches, because at Elite Team Realty we also offer property management services!

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Think you’re ready to take that step towards buying a home? Our team at Elite Team Realty comes with over 20 years of experience to help you throughout the entire home buying experience process, We also offer help with finding rental properties, selling your home, investing in properties, and property management. To set up an appointment to discuss your home buying experience options, fill out our contact form below and an agent will promptly get back to you.


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