5 Simple Steps to Home Buying

Are you a first time home buyer that needs confidence in your home purchase? Here are 5 simple steps to break down home buying.

So, you’re finally thinking about becoming a first time home buyer. Your parents would be proud.

It’s a scary and exciting process, but one you’re ready to tackle head-on with some simple steps.
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Finding Reliable Tenants for Rental Properties

Are you having time finding the right tenant(s) for your rental properties? These awesome tips can help sure you find a great fit.

So you’ve saved up, purchased property, and now you’re ready to rent it out…but how do you find a good tenant?
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5 Easy Landlord Tips To Remember When Renting

Being a landlord can come with a lot of responsibility. Check out these five easy landlord tips to help you become successful at renting your property.

There are over 22 million landlords in the United States alone.

But if you’re a landlord, you know it can sometimes be tough to keep tenants happy. We know managing a property in Charlotte, especially as the market continues to expand, can get stressful.
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5 Tips to Determine How Much Rent To Charge

Figuring out how much rent to charge can be confusing and complicated. However, these helpful tips can help make the process easier.

If you’ve set rents before, then you’ve probably heard the old saying:

“The right rent is the rent you want.”

Great sentiment. Unfortunately, it’s wrong. The statement should read, “The right rent is the rent you can get.”

The trick is in figuring how much rent you can get without leaving money on the table.
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